Anna Setton  « O Futuro é Mais Bonito » @ LEBAIXU Brussels on April 19Th

Brazil is such a vast world musically that it might seem trivial to introduce you to a new undiscovered treasure, so much talent abounds in this musical and tropical paradise. But the truth is that this new treasure does exist, and her name is Anna Setton.

In 2023 she will be in Brussels on April 14Th to present her third album “O Futuro é Mais Bonito”.

#annasetton #bossanova #samba #lebaixu #tourettaxis #jazz #brasil

The São Paulo-born singer and songwriter is a special figure: she shaped her voice by navigating São Paulo’s nightlife, travelled the world with the great Toquinho for five years, plunged into the lakes of jazz, bossa nova and MPB.

Recorded in Recife, Brazil, and with a modern and discreet production, Anna Setton sounds playful, clear, routine and transparent, her voice always taking centre stage in her songs.

The first single from the album, “Sigo dizendo sim”, which has already received a lot of airplay, takes Anna Setton into the waters of pop music with softly melancholic Brazilian rhythms. The theme and the album are published worldwide by Galileo Music.

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